About Natural Healing Through The Laws Of Health®

Natural Healing Through the Laws of Health (NHTLH) is a privately owned consulting corporation and resource center for health and spiritual information.

Our Purpose

Is to teach people how to reverse every possible debilitating lifestyle diseases by the grace of the Lord using the most advanced scientific materials on health and spiritual wholeness for the family.

NHTLH is affiliated with HHES Online Inc.
Representatives of NHTLH are available for speaking engagements, seminars and medical missionary training as well as cooking schools.

Organizations that have benefited from our services include churches, temples, mosques, businesses, corporations, government agencies,
small groups and radio and television programs in several countries. Lectures and seminars can run anywhere from one day to four weeks.

Our History

NHTLH is a Christian based company and since 2001 it has offered one to one consultations, health seminars, health evangelistic series, medical missionary and literature evangelistic training and provide healthy options through our health food store.

The representatives of NHTLH are full time Health Educators as well as Literature Evangelists.

We believe that sickness comes upon us because of one of three reasons:

  1. The glory of God,
  2. The violation of natural laws
  3. and/or The violation of spiritual laws.

We believe that once these issues are addressed, health will spring forth speedily or that God's grace will be sufficient for thee.

We teach from three perspectives: Biblical, scientific and inspirational, giving you by far the most advanced and balanced teachings on health reform.

Our Mission

NHTLH seeks to provide the highest quality service and offer you the best materials on health and spiritual wholeness for you and your family.

NHTLH believes that the message of health healing and restoration should be available to every nation, kindred, tongue and people just like the gospel message.

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