The Healing Wonders of Lemon


Lemons are noted for it's enormous health benefits, which includes vitamin C, antioxidants, reducing inflammation and more. Whether you live in the Tropical islands to enjoy the fresh-squeezed juice or you get it from a bottle, here are eight healthy benefits of lemons.


Lemon improves iron absorption in the blood when used with plant-based foods. It contains folic acid which aids in blood production and particularly helpful in anyone suffering from anemia and great for pregnant women.


Lemons improve blood fluidity, thus preventing edema, thrombosis or excessive clotting. It strengthens the capillary walls and improves the elasticity of arteries.

It dissolves calcium deposits in the arteries breaking up the cholesterol plaque. It is beneficial for individuals suffering from hypertension and it is a mild diuretic.


Lemon and the liver are sweethearts as it detoxifies the liver and keeps the blood clean.


High protein food consumption can increase uric acid in the body which gets deposited in the joints thus causing gout, arthritis and rheumatic pain and inflammation in the kidneys. Lemons are highly effective in eliminating uric acid. In addition it would be wise to also reduce high protein consumption by eliminating flesh foods and their by-products. Peas and beans can give sufficient protein.


Lemons are very effective in dissolving kidney stones, particularly when these are formed of uric acid salts.


The vitamin C in lemons improves the body’s immune system’s ability to resist infections, whether viral or bacterial.


Lemon is rich in antioxidants and prevents damage to cells and decreasing the aging process. It has remarkable antiseptic and antibiotic properties when applied to the skin, the nostrils, the throat or even the conjunctiva of the eye. For cataract treatment: put two to three drops of lemon juice in an eye glass with one ounce of water, then wash the eyes. For extra tone to the facial skin, apply pure lemon to the face and let stand for two minutes then wash off.


Terpene found in the lemon especially in the peel has been shown to neutralize certain carcinogens. It is also beneficial in preventing and treating cancer.


1. Early morning drink of warm water with lemon helps to cleanse the body from acids, inflammation and waste.

2. Always use a straw to protect the enamel of your teeth when drinking lemon.

3. Avoid the use of lemon juice on starchy foods like potatoes and bananas as it will cause poor digestion of these carbohydrates.

4. You can freeze the lemon and grate it then use the zest in your green-leafy vegetables, rice, legumes and drinks to enhance the iron absorption, taste and to get your vitamin C.

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