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Diabetes. A Gentleman was Diabetic and on 202 units of Insulin and 2000mg of Metformin daily. We met with him, put him on the Plan, which was an all-green plant-based diet, lifestyle changes such as walking for one hour daily, going to bed on time and in one day he was able to drop off 100 units of Insulin. In five days time he was able to come off all of the Insulin and all of the Metformin simply by making these changes.

Diabetes. A young man had Diabetes for the past 23 years. He went on the Plan – went all-green and in a short space of time was able to reverse his Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. He also lost all his extra weight.

Heart Disease. A gentleman was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart related issues. We met with him, put him on the Plan, which was an all-green plant-based diet, lifestyle changes such as walking for one hour daily, getting adequate amount of sunlight, asked him to go to bed on time and two weeks later when he visited his primary doctor and ran some tests, the doctor was so amazed that he called the cardiologist to see the results: the diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol was completely gone; and the gentleman’s heart was completely restored; all be going on a plant based diet.

Weak heart. A 27-year old Chef had a damaged heart, the functionality was bad, he had difficulty walking reasonable distances and more. When we met with him, we found out that he consumed a high flesh diet and drank cases of energy drinks each week to keep up with his two jobs and exquisite lifestyle. The local doctors wanted to fly him out for surgery but he had no money. We put him on the Plan, went on an all-green diet and in a couple of days he began to feel better. In two weeks, he was able to walk for one continual hour, which he could not do before, the third week later when he visited his primary physician for a check up, his heart was completely restored.

Obese. A gentleman came to us wanting to loose weight, he was hitting the scale at over 400lbs. We met with him, put him on the Plan, on an all-green plant-based diet, and lifestyle changes such as walking for one hour daily, going to bed on time and in six months as able to drop off 95 lbs.

Overweight. A young lady at size 16 wanted to loose weight, we met with her, put her on the Plan, on an all-green plant-based diet and lifestyle changes and seven and a half months later she was reduced to size 6 where she was happy.

Breast Cancer. A young lady had a lump in her breast which cancerous and stage III. She decided she would not use conventional medicine to cure her cancer. She had surgery to remove the lump in her breast and the swollen nodes under her arms, but did no chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, she went on the plan, went all-green, increase sunlight exposure, went to bed early every night, reduced stress in her life, exercised daily, drank lots of water and trusted in God. In less than nine months she told us that her bone scan, CT scan, PET scan, MRI test all confirmed that she was cancer free.

Overweight. One physician, his wife, two daughters and one son. His daughter of 10 years was obese and the father was concerned that if he addressed the weight topic too hard she will be self-conscious. He came to us for help and we met with the entire family and put them on the plan. Within 30 to 60 days the young girl lost 20 lbs. She was menstruating at the time, which was too early for her age. After the change her menstruation stopped and it returned at the appropriate time. In addition, the Dad’s high cholesterol normalized, and other conditions that the family had ceased, all by going green.

Heart Disease. A family of mom, dad and daughters were all sick. Among them they had diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We met with them; put them on the Plan, of an all-green plant-based diet with lifestyle changes. One daughter lost 100 lbs in nine and a half months and they were all able to reverse all their diseases. The success was so dramatic that their primary physician told them he wanted to see them back in a week’s time and he requested to see them more regularly than usual. When they inquired why the request for the frequent visits, the doctor told them that his wife was Diabetic and each time they returned and he asked about what they were doing, he would take the information home. The doctor then requested to meet with us the next time we were in town.

Fertility. This young lady had difficulty to conceive and we recognized it was a result of major hormonal imbalance. We met with her, put her on the Plan, asking her to go on an all-green diet. Within 30 days she got pregnant and today has a bouncing baby boy.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was diagnosed with PCOS few years ago, it seem to me I suffered with most of the symptoms of this disease from since a teenager but now it had a name: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

After the diagnosis, I was sitting in the doctor’s office and I explained that now I suffered from none of the symptoms he was describing. I explained that once upon a time I suffered greatly but not anymore. He was intrigued by this and wanted to know what changed. I explained that I changed my entire lifestyle which included being on a plant based diet, exercise, incorporating all eight natural laws of health and in less than a month I started to see tremendous results and my body just responded and for the for the first time in years, each month I had a menstrual flow, I lost weight and I had more energy than I ever did. My blood pressure, which seemed to always be at an all time high was now lowered and stable. He was amazed to know that I was able to accomplish these things without conventional medicine and maintain such results. I told him it wasn’t me but by the grace of GOD.

These things could not have been possible it were not for Bro James Luke’s visit where he lectured at a local church and conducted a Medical Missionary Training of which I was one of the trainees. Upon having a one on one consultation with Bro. Luke I was a changed person and GOD tremendously blessed my efforts. Of my own doing I had no power within to fight the spiritual warfare of appetite, but by putting God first I was able to do so. May GOD continue to bless your ministry and your efforts in helping others.

Yeast Infection. After talking to you about the yeast infection that I have been battling with for over a year, going and coming with all kinds of remedies that brought me no relief, I was never more surprised as to how quickly it went.

You asked if there was anything that caused me not to be at peace with the Lord and reluctantly I had to confess that for 15 years I was living with a secret that I had stolen something and I was under conviction that I needed to confess but I thought I must get the money together and then go and confess. But you said that I should just go and let the Lord lead and that you knew that after I had confessed my sins that the yeast infection would in a quick time disappear.

On Sunday the 15th of January I went and saw the person and explain the matter. I was told that I was forgiven and I did not need to pay back, just put the money into the work of the lord. The Sabbath after that Sunday, (21st January) I gave the amount I had saved to the Lord’s work, not as tithe and offering for it was not my money. The next week Wednesday 25th January the yeast infection was gone. When I told my Husband he asked me if I was sure and I told him I had no itching and I had not seen any discharge. The Thursday 26th January I got a call saying that a check was available for me for some work I had done months ago. I was able to return the Lord's 20% tithe and offering, pay the balance I owed, into the Lord's work on Sabbath 28th January and had money left over.

Brother, I was just praising the Lord for what he has done for me and I have committed my life to helping others just like you are doing. I thought that I would have had to go to court and jail. However, all that God ask is for us to trust him and be obedient and confess our sins and he gave me more than I deserve more than I can praise him for. Glory to God and Hosanna to my King. I am looking forward to meeting my Deliverer.

Yearning to help others. I became interested in the health message as I was feeling very ill and the doctors could not tell me exactly what was causing the problem and the tests that I did were not telling the doctors or me the cause of the problem.

At that point, I realized that only God could help me with this problem and I reached out to Him and He answered my prayer by sending persons from Wildwood to Jamaica in March 2010 and I was trained as a Medical Missionary. I made a lot of changes in my lifestyle (stopped eating meat etc.), however, my training was only one week and there were things I still did not know. I was given an offer by a friend to do further training at Wildwood and I thought this would be a good opportunity for me as I would not only receive training but I could get medical help but I was not granted a Visa. When I was denied the visa, I did not feel disappointed, in my heart I prayed to God, "God when I really needed help you sent someone from Wildwood and You are everywhere and You can help me right here in Jamaica." The following year 2011 another group came from Wildwood – Light, and I got training and more help with my condition. Later the same year I was introduced to Bro James Luke and learnt in more detail about the laws of health.

By following the principles, God has been working on my life spiritually and physically. The pains I used to struggle with has drastically reduced and I was also suffering from depression and by going out in the sun and having my flaxseed the depression left and I did not even realized. God is good and my life is a living testimony. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “...and ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart".

Wheezing. My daughter, Bessie was ill with the common cold. When she began feeling ill she was on vacation at my sister and so I was not able to attend to her as I would have liked to avert the virus from developing. However, her virus grew worse and eventually got to the point where she had a persistent cough and wheezing. This happened before and usually when it did, we would take her to the hospital where she would be administered a nebulizer with medication, Prednisolone oral and sent home with a Ventolin inhaler. We dreaded the thought of going to the hospital because she never behaved well to take any of the treatment, but most of all because I had been using natural remedies for more than a year for any health issues but felt really helpless in this situation.

I called Bro. Luke and anxiously asked if there was anything we could do. He advised us to give her a fever bath, which was to submerge Bessie in a tub of warm water from her neck down as hot as she could bear for 20 minutes, all the while, keeping her head cool with a rag. Next, make a warm mixture of lemon, garlic, echinacea and honey and let her drink it.

We administered the treatment, with much prayer, and as soon as she got up out of the water, she vomited, and perspired a lot. We dried her up, gave her the drink and rubbed her chest and back with some lemon and a few drops of eucalyptus oil and left her to rest. During the night the wheezing stopped and she rested well.

The next morning, I repeated the fever bath, gave her 2 charcoal tablets in 32oz of water. Two hours later she drank the lemon mixture and had lots of water throughout the day. At night we gave her a doze of 1 tablespoon of castor oil to 1⁄4 cup of lemon juice. We expected this drink to wash out the charcoal with the mucus.

On the following day, we repeated the fever bath and gave her lots of warm water and her health greatly improved.

I was ever so grateful for the Lord’s intervention in providing a better way. Such simple remedies that gave the same result of taking away the wheezing but without any of the harmful side effects of the drug medication.

Hormonal imbalance. For years I suffered with severe abdominal cramps, headache, bloating, and backache, this was also affecting my life sexually; the Doctors said I had a hormone imbalance and I would have to take hormone pills along with Tonopan to help with the pain and to regularize my menstrual cycle. For years I was using these medications and others but nothing seemed to work.

After meeting with James and explaining my problem to him, he told me about Macca (nature’s Viagra). I was put on a diet plan, which included me changing my eating habits, what I eat, also exercising on a daily basis. I tried it and I must say it has worked wonders for me. No more do I eel bloated, no abdominal cramps, no backache and no headaches when my menstrual period is due, sometimes it starts and I am not aware of it. My sex life has seen such a BIG improvement, no longer do I dread having to please my husband, but now I am a ready and willing participant.

Stroke. Praising God for deliverance. Now walking un-assisted, going to bathroom constantly stopped, pains in body gone, and off High Blood Pressure and Diabetes medication. Persons in the community are marveled at my progress.

High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, Cholesterol. Praising God for deliverance from the excess weight. My doctor had a strange look on this face and was confused wondering how I lost weight so fast. I am down from 168 to 141 lbs, waist size from 34 to 32, High Blood Pressure gone, church members are confused and wonder how my face is beaming.

Weight, pains, acid reflux, diabetes. All complaints are gone. I did not believe that I would live to see 2012. Now I have a new lease on life and I am rejoicing.

HBP, weight, pain, acid reflux, sleepless nights because of GERD fright. I have lost weight and my clothes are changing because they are too big and have to be adjusted. The acid reflux is gone and so I am able to sleep better. High Blood Pressure used to be 161/110, it is now 107/69 and normalized. I was on three types of medication but now down to nothing! I am cooking and preparing meals and all at work are rejoicing.

Diabetes. A few days following my consultation, I was skipping and jumping, I am still following the plan except for a few slip-ups on appetite; but not taking any medication for diabetes or other conditions.

PSA readings. I simply stopped eating all flesh; now my PSA readings have returned to normal.

Hypertension, Diabetes, Overweight. I’ve struggled with these ailments for some time. Now my readings are BP 100/63; sugar 4.3; weight 160 lbs and on my way to 140. I tried the 3-day grape fast and a flesh growth on the ball of my eye disappeared. Previously I had been unable to touch the closed eye, now I can rub it without pain.

Diabetes. I had been injecting insulin for 26 years so it was hard to believe that the plan would work. However, I made changes and within a few weeks my sugar was at 6.1 for 2 consecutive days.

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