About Us
We are a privately owned consulting corporation and resource center for Health and Spiritual Reformation.  We believe that the message of Health, Healing and Restoration should be available to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
To teach people how to reverse every possible debilitating lifestyle disease by the grace of the Lord using the most advanced scientific combinations on health and spiritual wholeness for the family.

 We are available for speaking engagements, seminars, medical missionary training and cooking schools. Events can be conducted from one day to weeks depending on the nature of the program.  We present to schools, religious institutions, businesses, government agencies, radio and television in numerous countries.
Since 2001 we opened our doors, offering one to one consultations, health seminars, health evangelistic series, medical missionary and literature evangelistic training. In 2014 we began our Health Food Store with organic and gluten-free foods, including herbal supplements and natural personal care options.  In 2017 we launched Antigua's 1st Official Gluten Free Restaurant, "Perla Del Caribe".

We believe that sickness comes upon us because of one of three reasons:
1. The Glory of God, 
2. The violation of Natural Laws, 
3. The violation of Spiritual Laws.   
Once these issues are addressed, health will spring forth speedily or that God's grace will be sufficient for thee.

We teach from three perspectives: the Bible, Inspiration and Good Science, giving you by far, the most advanced teaching in health reform.
Meet the Team
James and Claudia Luke are international medical missionaries, health educators and consultants, personal fitness chefs and directors of NHTLH Institute and Perla Del Caribe.  James previously taught at the College of Health Evangelism where he helped to start the Advancement Department at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital in Georgia. Claudia entices communities and visitors with her delicious daily meals at Perla Del Caribe, Antigua's 1st Official Gluten-free Restaurant. They both co-host weekly radio programs and live in the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda with their daughter Abigail.

Natalie Nash has been an international medical missionary for over nine years. Her presentations integrate the teachings of the Bible, Inspiration and Good Science to deliver a message of healing that is by far the most advanced and balanced in the teaching of health reform.

Natalie is married with two children and lives in the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

James Luke

Claudia Luke

Together they developed several initiatives with Church Conferences, Missions, the Corporate Sector, Communities and other Institutions around the world, as well as Medical Missionary and Literature Evangelist Training; educating and training many individuals, including doctors, nurses, dieticians and others in the Health Education field.  They travel across continents including, the United States of America, Canada, the Islands of the Caribbean, Honduras, Panama, England, and China to make this message of healing available to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Thousands across the world have been empowered to reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, rid their bodies of tumors, lost weight, renewed their spiritual lives, resolved both male and female issues and enjoy more vibrant health through the application of the Eight Laws of Health and Natural Remedies that are the cornerstone of the message.  The principles of healing espoused by this message are simple, straightforward and accessible to all.

Natalie Nash