Gospel Medical Missionary Literature Evangelist Training

Combining the last two lines of ministry in the Last Days

GMMLE offers individuals around the world an opportunity to study and become certified in the Medical Missionary Literature Evangelist work. 

Our goal is to train One Billion Midical Missionaries before Christ returns and you can be in that number.

The study is combined with training in Literature Evangelism as they compliment each other, being the last two lines of ministry towards the end of time.

Take a look at the   Course Description  for more details about the study.
Our distance-learning program works great for those who find it difficult to attend on-site training sessions.

“Many who desire to obtain knowledge in medical missionary lines have home duties that sometimes prevent them from meeting with others for study. These may learn much in their own homes in regard to the express will of God concerning these lines of missionary work, thus increasing their ability to help others.”  Counsels on Health, p. 427
Your first step to register is to complete the Registration Form and email it to [email protected]

The cost of our Certificate program is US$500.
Suggested payment plans are:
1.  Pay the cost in full.
2.  Pay the cost in part - please propose payment plan for approval.
Special discount price is available to groups.

It is important that you have a computer with an operating system of 2008 and above to ensure the materials will be accessible to you. Audio lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and reading literature forms are part of your training kit.  The Bonus PowerPoints we share with you will enable you to get a head start in making presentations when you are comfortable with the materials.

The Study Manual will be issued to you to complete each assignment. You will be required to read the notes on PowerPoint and listen to audio lectures presented for each topic.

In addition, you will get a Study Companion Text, which contains all the lectures so you can read through the information to complete your assignments.

Upon completion of the assignments, you will be required to scan and submit them to us for correction.

There is a final Capstone Project, which you will be required to fulfill. This allows you to put into practice that which you have learned, by consulting individuals and preparing and producing a presentation of your choice. 
What our Students have to say about the program.

Feedback for other students: What advice would you give to another student who is considering taking this course.
It is so rewarding when you can inform some one on topics that are physically spiritually socially beneficial to them and see it work  and most of all doing it as Jesus did it. - Hillary St. Romain
This course not only prepare you to be a medical missionary but also enrich you spiritually and socially.  In completing this course you are motivated to take an introspective look at yourself in regards to God's ideal for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.  It awakens an awareness of your responsibility to obey God's spiritual law and the law of nature.  This course in essence prepares you for the life to come and sensitizes you to the importance of preparing others through sharing the health laws, moral laws and simple remedies.  It gives you the opportunity to follow the example of the Saviour in meeting people where they are, ministering to their needs and then point them in His direction.  Engaging in this course will change your perspective hence, your life forever.  The cost of the course is no way near the value of what you will benefit from it. Money spent in this venture is well invested.  I implore you to sign up.  - Shirley Kirwan

What are your overall thoughts about the course?
The best thing I have done in my life. Just sorry I did not know about it at an earlier age. But glad I did it now.  I am helping others and encouraging them to do it no matter how old they are. Thank you and your team for every thing. Gid bless you all.
Has this course been helpful to you? If so, please explain.
This course has been very helpful to me. It has thought me that there are many ways of practicing the healing art, but there is only one way that heaven approves. I learned how to do a consult properly. This course has helped me so much, that if I was to put it all here it would turn out to be a book! - Wendy Richards-La Croix
Yes. With the knowledge acquired and the tools (assessment and health plan) I feel empowered to share and help others to enhance their health and especially to include the gospel message and the necessity to have a structured devotional life.  - Victoria Boateng 
Upon satisfactory completion of all assignments, you will be issued your Certificate of completion in the GMMLE program.

Our organization is internationally recognized by many Churches and Conferences around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ever-growing body of students and Gospel Medical Missionaries.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

May God richly bless you.