Is The Apple King Of All Fruit?

We have all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. However, is it a true saying? Well let us find out.

The original home of the apple is considered to be in the countries of Southwest Asia, including the land of Israel. From there it spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Apples can grow anywhere, excluding extremely hot or extremely cold climates.

European settlers brought apple seeds and trees with them to the New World. Records from the Massachusetts Bay Company indicate that apples were being grown in New England as early as 1630. In 1796, in Ontario, Canada, John McIntosh discovered a variety of apple which is today enjoyed by people around the world--the McIntosh Apple!

  1. Apples are good for fighting Hypertension. Apples facilitate the elimination of the sodium ions that cause the arteries to contract, increase in blood volume, and fluid retention in the tissues. They also replace the sodium ions with those of potassium, which normalize blood pressure and improve cardiac function.
  2. Apples are good for Chronic Eczema Caused by Auto-intoxication. Apples absorb intestinal toxins, thus facilitating the purification of the blood and the skin. Apples also help relieve constipation and promote purification of the liver, whose congestion results in many skin disorders.
  3. Excess Uric Acid. An apple treatment alkalizes the blood and facilitates the elimination of uric acid through the urine.
  4. Gastrointestinal Colitis-related Diarrhea. Apple fiber (pectin) is a great absorbent that cleanses the intestine. It also restores the physiological bacterial flora acting in combination with the organic acids also found in apples.
  5. Liver disease. Apples decongest the hepatic gland thanks to their choleretic and depurant effects. They are highly recommended in cases of chronic hepatitis, fatty degeneration of the liver due to consumption of alcoholic beverages, and cirrhosis.
  6. High Cholesterol and Arteriosclerosis. Apples reduce the blood cholesterol level and prevent arteriosclerosis.
  7. Colon Cancer. Apples help avoid the cancerous degeneration of the colon.
  8. Diabetes. Diabetics tolerate apples very well for two reasons. A significant amount of their sugar is fructose, which requires less insulin than glucose in order to be metabolized and produce energy. Second, pectin acts to regulate the release of sugars, allowing them into the bloodstream slowly and progressively.

I can go on and on, believe me. The apple is a truly remarkable fruit indeed. I was never a big fan of the apple until I did research for this article. The apple is now a regular in my household. To answer the question is “the Apple king of all fruit” I will have to say without a doubt – it just might be.

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