Reverse Your Diabetes Type II

Where is The Sugar!

Diabetes Type 2 is a lifestyle disease and ALL Lifestyle diseases are 100% reversible. The following information is given for education purposes for a natural alternative towards becoming Diabetes free. It is possible by God’s grace to walk away from Diabetes by making changes to your diet and lifestyle.    

We have seen evidences in the lives of many individuals who have followed this Plan to lower their blood sugar levels in less than 7 days and be Diabetes free in less than 30 days.  For example, A Gentleman was Diabetic and on 202 units of Insulin and 2000 mg of Metformin daily. We met with him, put him on the Plan, which was an all-green plant-based diet, lifestyle changes such as walking for one hour daily, going to bed on time and in one day he was able to drop off 100 units of Insulin. In five days’ time, he was able to come off all of the Insulin and all of the Metformin simply by making these changes.    

A Step by Step Guide to Prevention and Reversal of Diabetes

Get tested and know your numbers.  Don’t wait until you lose your vision or a limb to begin taking care of your body.  Make your changes today for better health. 

What is a normal blood sugar level that we should aim for?

Normal Blood Sugar Level
•   normal levels range from 65-99 mg/dl (3.6-5.5 mmol/liter). 

Pre-Diabetes Level
•    fasting blood sugar levels ranges from 100-125 mg/dl (5.6-6.9 mmol/liter) after an 8 hour fast.

Diabetes Level
•  a diagnosis of diabetes is usually made when a blood sugar test is consistently above 126 mg/dl (7.0 mmol/liter) after an 8 hour fast.

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