Why the Medical Missionary Work?

This topic highlights the compassion of Christ and his method of reaching lost souls and restoring them to both physical and spiritual health.  Watch and see what you can do to be a part of this great work.

Ten Laws of the Mind

A powerful presentation on 10 laws of the mind, looking at how the body and the mind are closely connected. It is important to let your mind rule your body rather than let your body rule your mind. 

Pure Air

A presentation on the importance of breathing pure fresh air and the harmful effect on the body from dwelling in impure air.

View: Pure Air
Audio: Pure Air.mp3


Explore the amazing benefits of brilliant sunlight on the human body and how it can be used to prevent and heal many diseases and contribute to great health.



A look at some aspects of balance in life with the highlight of certain practices which we need to reduce or avoid, such as that in eating, drinking or dressing.  It also briefly discusses how to keep free from addictions.    

Audio: Temperance.mp3


An enlightening presentation on the importance of daily exercise. Also learn why walking is the best form of exercise for diseased bodies.

Audio: Exercise.mp3     

Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 1

An audio presentation giving you a step by step approach on how to prevent and reverse Diabetes using simple everyday means including the laws of health.  You will be amazed at how EASY IT IS TO REVERSE DIABETES!    


Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 2

Learn of the differences among Diabetes Type 1, 1.5 and 2.  Get a simple illustrated insight into the major factor that lock and seal the insulin receptors of your cells and how to unlock them. 

Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 3

Understand some key warning signals of Diabetes Type 2 and some basic principles around what foods to avoid and what you can eat.

Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 4

Learn all you need to know about Lifestyle changes and Herbal recommendations that will support you in reversing Diabetes Type 2. 

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 1

Regularity in eating is of vital importance. There should be a specified time for each meal. What are the benefits of setting meal times? How do I set my meal times?  Listen and find out.

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 2

This session is a continuation from session 1, it discusses the harmful effects of drinking and eating, and the non-use of condiments and spices which irritate the stomach and cause digestive problems.

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 3

A continued presentation on My Plate. Why was flesh introduced into the diet? What are the effects of Sugar on the immune system? Listen and find out.

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 4

Learn how to prepare your grains and legumes in order to get the most nutrients from them and avoid deficiency in copper, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and the enzymes for digesting protein and starches.

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 5

What is a fruit, what is a vegetable?  These should never be eaten at the same meal.  Coarse vegetables fail to supply proper nutriment if not prepared properly. Learn what they are and how to prepare them in a manner that will give heath and vitality.

My Healthy Plate - Pt. 6

​Food Combinations made easy! Understand the botanical families and how to properly combine your meals to achieve proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Nature's Sweet Restorer

This presentation features the benefits of daily and weekly rest. How to get the most from your sleep and what Rest can do in healing the body and preventing disease. 
Sleep, nature's sweet restorer, invigorates the weary body and prepares it for the next day's duties. Counsels on Health p.147

Proper Diet Pt. 1

Proper nutrition plays a major role in keeping healthy. This lecture gives an in-depth understanding of the importance of various vitamins and minerals required for the body and the plant-based food sources available.    
Proper Diet Pt. 2

A look at the importance of essential Major and Trace Minerals in the body, food sauces and deficiencies if they are lacking. Also understand what minerals your body needs to maintain health.  
Proper Diet Pt. 3

Listen to a Q&A session on Dietary influence on health. Learn why was Flesh introduced into man's diet? What are some irritating spices and condiments to remove from the diet? 

Use of Water Pt. 1

The Law of Health - Use of Water, is described by many as a Gift from God. Join us in this exciting journey as we identify water that is Pure and Soft and that yield tremendous benefits to the body both internally and externally. It is therefore, quite essential for drinking, bathing and cooking. 
Use of Water Pt. 2

In this topic we discuss the importance of maintaining a tight acid/alkaline balance within the human body; the dangers of drinking alkaline water and viable options for obtaining Pure Soft water which our Creator intended for us to drink. 

Hypertension Pt. 1

An introduction to High Blood Pressure, the common side effects of the major common HBP medication, and discussion on the causes, symptoms and values of HBP.

Hypertension Pt. 2

A continued discussion on the importance of unrefined sea salt in the diet for a Hypertensive individual. What foods to eat and what foods to avoid to lower HBP.